Main Reasons Why Owners Abandon Their Dogs

Pet abandonment is a major social issue globally. More often than not, it is challenging on both the sending and receiving end of the situation. Many times when we see a puppy for sale Singapore citizens would crowd around the pet store in hopes to have a look at the newborn.

Adopt a dog Singapore is an organization that provides stray dogs a second chance at life outside of animal shelters.

Adoption has brought about many good opportunities for strays to find a permanent home and loving owners to cherish them. However, this is not always the case. Even strays that belong to dog breeds such as Maltese, Chihuahua and Poodle, Singapore favorites, face the risk of possible abandonment. Among one of the major reasons for abandoning their pooches lies strongly with time management. In one of the most competitive countries in the world, citizens may struggle to balance their work life with their leisure activities. This includes the time and effort they choose to allocate to their furry friends. In many cases, when owners are no longer able to cater to their dogs, they give them up for adoption.

When adoption initiatives do not suffice, there are owners with lower senses of morale who will simply abandon them at roadsides and isolated areas. Another factor in dog abandonment would be the inability to cope with the respective needs of a specific dog breed. To illustrate, poodles require weekly grooming whereas pugs may require consistent checkups. In addition to this, certain dogs have medical conditions that require extra attention. Such factors may also lead to abandonment.

Overall, animal cruelty organizations have announced that it is vital for future dog owners to be responsible and put consideration into whether or not they are ready to welcome a pooch into their family and life for the long term before adopting.


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