Home Repair: The fine print

There’s a reason why homeowners opt for services such as large garage door repair companies such as Garage Door Repair Lincoln NE as oppose to hiring freelance constructors. This reason is deeply rooted in the increasing amount of constructor frauds happening on a global scale. Even with written and verbal agreements in place, many homeowners still find constructor fraud a difficult scam to evade. This lies closely with the negligence when drafting and signing written contracts with the said constructors. The following are a new aspects consumers need to pay keen attention to before entering into written agreements with constructors.

As Indiana Law dictates, a written contract should necessary when home improvement contracts exceed a certain amount, in their case, it was a hundred and fifty dollars ($150). These contracts are home to a few sections that require close attention such as the total price of services, payment schedules, estimated start and completion dates as well as detailed description of the materials and type of work. Reading between the lines of a legal contract can certainly be a bore for most individuals. However, it is absolutely necessary to do so when services are being purchased.

As an example, without inspecting the contract, many homeowners can be tricked into paying a certain amount for home improvements, but later become increased due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’. In addition to this, payment schedules are also a focal point to defend consumers from situations whereby contractors threaten them for more money. This happens all too often. One minute they claim they would only require a sum of money for the work, another, they will demand more funds. When refused these funds, they have been cases whereby these contractors threaten to abandon the project or appropriate the materials that have been already bought. Although there exist many legal agencies that may aid consumers in such situations, it is true what they say, that it is always better to be safe than sorry.