Primitive Outpost: Beard Wax

A majority of beard-owners know beard balm and beard oils help keep their beards groomed and healthy. At Primitive outpost, a company that specializes in products from a natural source, their extra hold beard balm is known as beard wax. Beard wax helps manage thick beards that may appear out of control.

Additionally, the best beard wax can also give men much more undiscovered dimensions to styling their beards to their liking. More often than not, having a well-maintained mane is the key to confidence for men sporting beards. It induces a sense of pride and independence whereby it showcases a man’s ability to take care of their appearances. Beard waxes have gained significant amounts of traction over the years. A testimony to this would be the rise of beard competitions that employ beard wax in sculpting and holding the beard in place. It can definitely be said that waxes formulated for beards can tame bushy, thick and full beards.

Beard waxes that are produced by Primitive Outpost, as seen from their website, https://www.primitiveoutpost.com/collections/extra-hold-beard-balm employ a healthier alternative to the use of synthetic fragrances. The company opted for essential oils in its place in hopes of reducing the use of potentially harmful ingredients. In accordance with this, the production of naturally oriented bard waxes was also aimed to minimize the possible scent sensitivities that users may encounter.

The natural wax found in beard wax products from Primitive Outpost help protect a beard by creating a barrier against dust, pollutants, and debris from external environments. It also helps seal the natural moisture of the skin pores in, which helps prevent dry skin and consequently, beard dandruff. A common mistake made by beard product manufacturers is the decision to use petroleum jelly. This ingredient has been known to dry out the skin of the area applied.