5 Reasons Why Art Dubai is so Popular

  1. Diversity

Art Dubai features artwork Dubai but also artwork from more than 40 different countries such as Iceland, Ethiopia, Lebanon, and Egypt. It has a globally diverse artwork lineup of more than 90 galleries. From painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video, photography and performance, Art Dubai has it all. Buyers do not have to explore multiple art galleries just to get that perfect artwork that they like. Some of them are seen with at least one art consultant or hotel art consultant when viewing the artwork displayed. Popular art consultants are those from Art Consultancy Dubai.

  1. Affordable

Artworks there has a sale from between the US $100 to $20,000. Anyone who is interested, even if you are a hobbyist art collector, can purchase their favorite piece and take them home on that very same day.

  1. Creative Art Talks

Think you don’t know art that well or you’re looking for some tips and inspiration? Art Dubai also holds creative art talks that feature various artists from multiple colored backgrounds. From their informal discussions of a wide range of topics such as how to buy your first artwork to the basics of art collecting, you might pick up a thing or two, or at least, get educated with their interesting informative talks.


  1. Creative Learning Workshops

Here is where you get to express your creativity with their compressive hands-on workshops conducted by various local and international artists throughout the globe. They focus on a variety of art education for children.

  1. Live Painting

Ever wonder how your favorite artist does his or her work? Deemed as one of the crowd favorites in 2016, Live Painting is where regional and international artists perform their creative arts live for the crowd to witness first-hand and up-close in personal.

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